Tuesday, December 27, 2005


2005 has come and gone

Already this year has passed, I couldnt have been more thankful and more honored to still be able to do any of this. I have met some great amazing people this year, I got the privilage to do things I never would have ever imagined me doing. Im in this increidible amazing big huge massive thing we call life, and I couldnt be happier. Years from now.. decades from now people will remember this year by at least something. I for one cannot forget this is the very year I met Tashina, my sweetie baby =D!

This year passed by fast, it did. And you can be sure that the next one will pass too, and the next and the next. With that said take everything you know, everything you love, everything you dream of and squish it, literally give it a hug, hold on to and never let go. That it yours to keep, it will be there for you before you go to sleep, it will be there to protect you from night mares.

I couldnt express, how happy I am. Not for just me, but for us. I canot stress enough about how Important it is to remember how lucky we are to be alive. I dont say it very lightly.

for EVERYONE that gave me the increibly wonderful chance to meet them this year, I am honored... HONERED!!! to have gotten that chance. I hope, and I pray that everyone has the best damn year they possibly can and have fun!!!!!!! There will NEVER... never! be another 2005 and theyre will never be another 2006. Make it huge!!!!!!!!

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