Saturday, January 28, 2006


What is this

Thank you, and thank you again and again. Thank you for being here, thank you for leaving, thank you for everything and anything. What exactly is this and what has this ever been. This is an Explotion of life, right as we speak. And we all apart of it. Who knows? Thats just it, who does know.. this could be the end. be glad for what you have, have fun, dont take this for granted. This isnt a fucking joke, this is life. Time distroys everything, dont waste it. Keep going your doing great keep going full force.

Nows the time that will never come again, nows the time to be better, nows the time to keep trying, nows the time to be yourself, nows a time to have fun, nows a time to treat others how you want to be treated, nows a time to enjoy the time we have lfet, nows a time to be strong, nows a time to be strong enough to be weak, nows a time to have pride, nows a time to do what you feel is right. Now has never been a better time to be alive and thats it.

Thats why were here, to be alive. And it's up to us to be thankful for it, and the opertunity. For all the people who are dead and arnt able to be here anymore, we live for them, and we go full force. Im not stopping....ever.

Friday, January 27, 2006


Animation notes

For the fellow Animators,

I recommend, reading up on Walt Stanchfeild's notes which is here
I also reccomend the other notes which is on the meat of animations site.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


first video on google video. And also my first video blog

Ok so this is what happens with electronics when it rains. I have no idea why or how, they just have been attracted to electrical stuff. The've invaded my brothers Alarm clock before.. so this isnt a first time. I couldnt beleve how many there were!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


ok so as if thing

Silly rabbit trix are for ceilling lamps and other assorted grocery store items. When did the cheese factory end or close elf? what? you died? well thats unsunny, er uh kafasa. And when my socks part they turn into sockers, my socks turned into sockers theyre couples now and they have a pet. he's a german Socker. They have 51/2 puppies all with ears the size of pocket lint.

oh and my shoes, the hate each other. I think one is a piece of grass, the the other one is made of a loaf of bread, with embedded onions and salsa placed inside. They cant stand to look at one another so they always point the opisite way

Ok and heres a true story, once there was this pencil, and it was longng for a home 2 in a half inches went by and half of him got eaten by the googeling monster with a sharp RAZOR mouth.

Stickers wernt meant to be sticky, or where they meant to be sticked into a stickey and shown to the world that it can be sticking for once-in-a-blue-mood and shine into the day of night

and when I tryed to fix it the pencil got stuckedid in the lamp and it took some plyers and a chain saw and some masking tape to apply the glue

and you know I declared my toe hurt 2 in a hlaf seconds before it actually did.. thats 10 years before I thought this up

I dont understand where people get this stuff could friggen get some cold water and a bag of potatoe chips set them in a cold fire in the summer of december and still not get a goddamn thing. there's no help these days, no help.: i could do a trippity do da at a rate of 1.2 seconds a mile and still not recive any occruing injurys the following millenium to see the so-called-freedome- to walk -on-other-peoples-lawns.

and if thats not bad enough, take a look at our world leaders. Who the hell elected that damn lump of cheese, everyone knows chedder cant rule anything, cheder doesnt know Jack. kacks a cool guy I've known him since he was really small, he tried to tell me somethin one day.. I cant rememebr what it was.. I think it had something to do with two cheese crackers and a bowl of cherriohs.

ok so Im leaving to go lay in a bed 0f pilliows which involve a ps2 a gamecube, and a sack of quarters filled with nickles. ok so really im going to sleep now night night everyone, I guess Im too tired to say anything that makes any sence

Sunday, January 22, 2006



Oii I dont feel so good. Today and yesturday was such a good dayaful, got to see tee for 2 days stright (night and day). it was cool, and we saw hoodwinked at the vi-die-ohs Cory Edwards did a good job for the ammount given to him to make it, all those guys did a god job. Anywayssss

>>>>>>>>>> Im watching myself type.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


In hopes

close my eyes, as memorys come forth. Accept things that come, I cant beleve the day came, your smile shined down, and opend this door, now i fear the day things all start to fall, please dont let that day, let that day come into play.

The stars they sing, as they see the tears fall into the river of the forever flowing feelings. deep inside, this has never been as precious as this. the killing of bad times, and the beginning of new, and maybe one day, we will come to relize what we really have, I just dont feel we've yet to see the surface.
an explotion of emotions emptyed, as the darkness started to seep. feelings ran, as we started to sleep. Dont sleep on me darling, for this isnt over and where ever we go there's nothing thats taking me away, no nothings taking me away

the eclipsion of the sun, had never felt so cold. but you've given the sun a reason to shine, baby there's nothing they could do, No theres nothing they can say to take me away. And now that the fear has subsided, we can be free. the bad times will be over, as we drift off to sea. No matter where the waves carry, who is there in the end but you and I.

not grasping harm you saved me with the warmth of your arms, you save me from it all, as we hold now forever, the skies look lots better when your here.

Dont weep my baby. dry your tears, dont cry my baby as we walk hand in hand into the fog, Not knowing what could happen while it waits for our decend, hand in hand together, in hopes we'd reach the end.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


victory stikes again

Im not about to die, Im not a setting sun. I look into your eyes, and see what has begun. I m not this time we will tis time we will go long, this time we wil not, this time we will not lose you, I look into your eyes as I see what has begun

and see the world is in my soul, I am running getting nearer.. I am always getting nearer for many years of only hope you'd never leave, you are my friend you are my faith you are my family and I am coming so we can live .. forever more in total love.

So we can be here when victory strikes again

Monday, January 16, 2006


never let down.

This is inexplainable. This is us, this is me, this is we, this is the world. The vastness of it all, the huge mass of people living on one Gigantic ball. theres no way of getting around knowing were all living in the same place, were all here. And that cant, that wont change. We are all Human, this isnt a fucking joke. this is real, what have we got to lose. get pumped up knowing this could be your last, get pumped up knowing your still alive, get pumped knowing your the only you, there ever will be. You have something that noone will ever have.

With that said why wait. Why wait. Dont be embaressed, emabessment is this little thing wayyyy down here, you can easily just SQUISH!!!! wipe it out. knock it down. Dont be a fucking wimp, take care of yourself. Who cares who sees, or who thinks what. they have no bussiness in telling you your wrong. This has always been here, everything you have ever wanted has always been inside of you all along. The more you can give this then the more it will be, and thats just it, give it more, keep on feeding it, keep filling it intill it becomes an overflow of life as we know it.

This moment in time is an EXPLOTION of life. Baseball games, celebrations, partys, disasters, new borns, new familys, old familys, authors publishing their new books, Movie producers making their films. EVERYTHING!! THIS IS ALL HAPPENING AS WE SPEAK. And it's not going anywhere. Whos really to say whats happening, GET OUT THERE!!! See what it's like. We cant just sit around and do nothing we we can go out and do something!!!!!!! In this time, this very second we are involved in the very thing we call LIFE. Were living orginisims with feelings and emotions. Were the very beings who make up this earth. And we have been here for hundreds and thousands of years. And we can only assume theyre will be many many many many more to come.

Dont worry, you were right all along. This has been you, this is you. everything is here for you to take it, and make it yours. this gift we have now, is only temperary.. who knows when our time will be over and done, and on that note, now has never been a better time to be alive!!!!!

I love all of you guys, this has only been the greatest honor to meet those who I've met, and it's simply been an honor to only hear about those who I havent. There is a good world out there, there is a better world... for that better world has ALWAYS been inside of you, dont forget it. And dont forget How lucky we are.. for EVERYTHING that has been given to us.

please please please please, have faith in the things that make you happy, and the things you love. And keep TRYing.

No need to fret, I'm always gonna be around.


be glad

Just keep going, this is only getting better. The beginning of this was only the end, and the end of this was only the begnining. The waters may get strong some times, and you may get locked into their swells, but dont get discouraged. Keep staying strong, and keep going, you are never a failure as long as you keep going.

Do your best. And keep your cool. Do Unto others, what you want done to yourself. if you only do good and you figure it out, what have you got to lose? We have to do this BEFORE THE END OF OUR LIVES

just because this life aint easy doesnt make it bad....this isnt over yet, this cant be over,... be glad.


I love you baby

Just somphin I drewed at 4:00am :-P :-D


Ni Ni again

Heyloooo :) grr it's 3:35 cant sleep right now. Baby I miss you, and I cant go ni-ni :(, baby i love you so much, more than you know. I cant wait to talk to you marrow! that might be the insitive that gets me to sleepy, knowing I will get to talk to you marrow.

Anyways, I hope everyone else has a good ni-ni.

I hope your asleepy right now sweetie I mean golly it is 3 am :O :-P
Ni-ni baby, ni ni everyone else

Sunday, January 15, 2006


ok ok

Just got back from the movies wahhh Hunny I miss you already ;(

Anyways it was a sad movay, and it was sad. and, actually.. Ill br back Imma like write this lader

Saturday, January 14, 2006


and Im never gonna leave you out, if you ever lost your way not alone or betrayed im always gonna around.

if you find yourself in trouble you can find yourself a way you can find a place to stay and that place is always safe. if you have a heart thats in pain dont be afraid your not to blame, theres a better world inside of us, where we always thought it was you dont need to hide you can just open up your eyes and youll discover tha there is


This is Infinite

Oh man my hand hurts today I was skating for the first time in a while acause it's been raining "alot". And I fell and my hand like landed on a rock sos i was like :O it's prolly still in my hand somewheres X-
Anyways, We just got back home. I've been doing alot of thinking today. There's never been a better time to be alive. Thats just it, there really isnt another way to say it. Im truley thankful for being here, having people be apart of my life..and being apart of their lives have been nothing short of an honor in everyway. this has never been just something,.this isnt just something ...this is EVERYTHING.

No matter what anyone says, No matter what happens, or what ups and downs I have to over come, No matter if you hate me, or love me, No matter what trys to get in the way. You will always know this isnt going anywhere but in your heart and in mine too.

So what exactly do we want to do, who do we want to be remembered as in the end. This is not the end, this is only the beginning. This has only just started, this is Infinite.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Poor steven

Poor steven.. your being exploided on the internet now because you got a bad grade for a unorginized notebook :( sorry

Tip of the day: If ever the chance to get orginized, do it. because if one day your teacher asks to see it, it wont look like a pile of really rea;lly thin crumpled up peices of wood shoved in there


our new living room Morray?

wow we actually have a front door, thats amazing, now everyon can stop knocking on the laundry room door. Moving the entertainment center was a grand ol idea. oh and finnaly connecting the speakers to the tv was a grand idea too. :-


everyone else :-P

Sigh, well I just got done with my "other" teacher not to long ago. I keept looking at the time and seeing if she was almost done. I was like too tired to even concentrate, plsu its raining and I hate that. Why mustc it rain, and rain on my skate day parade.. or..something. ehh thats ok not like I skate all that much anymore anyways...

hahaha we moved the entertianment center off the front door so we have a front door now. It feels weird, N everyone keeps knocking on the laundry room door :-. But at least we have a door :-D

Anyways umm hunny.. I tried to call you like at 3 but it was busy. So ill call you when Mom gets off the phone. mkaybe baby?

Oh eayh and Bye bye everyone else :-P

Thursday, January 12, 2006


stupid guy

damn that guy, damn his shop, damn his clippers, and damn his hair cutting license! hey look at me Im a hair cutting maniac, why dont you clap for me whilst I cut my own hair, put cheese in my pants and dance around the shop 18 times wearing a pink tu-tu in the winter of may. And then I will use the money you gace me to play jump rope with so I can die happy.


first day without hair

Well Just woked up at 9:30 i'm pretty damn tired. I hate waking up early :-P. Yeah Im workin on my homewokr N waitin for my teacher, she comes at 12:30ish 1ish So yeah.

My head feels weird, it's like lighter or something. This sucks lol. Ohh well Im starting to get use to it, itll grow back sooner or ladow. I still cant beleve that guy Im like still in shcok, I told him "dont cut my hair short" and what did he do, he cut it all of it off :-.

And then like yesturday everyone was like, holy crap you look like 20 now but then I told them how white they were cause I dont look 20 :-P least I dont finks sos X-


Ni Ni again

Well it's 12:15am. N my teach comes amarrow. So Im just gettin ready to do some finishing touches on my spootie homework. For the last week or so, me and Tee have been able to stay on the phone till like 11 at night, I love it. But I hate not being able to see her that much. Really I only get to see her onc e a week. So Imma bump that up a bit, wake up at 7 and walk somewhere and meet up. and then just walk around till 5. cause she babysits at 5.

Good plan? cource it is. Anyways I gotta get goin.. gonna finish some homework N go to beddy bye bye, and go Ni Ni.

Kay Hunny if you read this Im goin Ni Ni in a little bit ok? So dont worry about me staying up so late :-P

and everyone else, Ta ta fer now. or NI NI I should say

p.s I cant beleve that hair cut guy cut my hair.. god what a.. I dont even wanna say it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


How could this have happend. I had the worst day ever

i went to get my hair cut today, just out of my eyes you know? And so we get there, I the guy goes "your next" so I sit down and he says "looks like your in need of a hair cut" and I said "yeha but Im just getting it out of my eyes and thinned down a lilttle bit, I wanna keep the length" The second I said that he goes out this huge Shaver thing and Shaves the left side of my hair off I was just like :O. it happend so fast there was nothing I could have done, I couldnt have walked out, cause them I'd have half of my hair missing.

He took all my hair off, I feel so "not me" right now it's not even funny.
Im gonna go pout now. bye.


ni ni

Well, it's 1:45 am. And Im really tired. I rented "my Neighbors the Yamadas" it's story telling at it's best, really basic pencil drawings put together to tell the story. You have to see it.

Anyways, i was on the phone with my FW (future wife). She's busy all weekafull :-(. Oh and the damn phone died, i was like :-O :-( *tear*

Baby, I hung up the phone so itll charge Ill talk to you mario kay??

K bye sweetie,
bye everyone
or n-ni i should say

Monday, January 09, 2006


the family Guy nstickers I got todays :O

I got these thoday hahaha and they make my face say hA HA. i gotts a nother one but I dadnt find a picture of it X-\


our day -Jan 8th, 2006

We Justed got back from seeing Narnia last night. It was a grand movie, and the key key like talked. I have to say ym favorite Charchter was either the big key key or the little gol (girl). Cause the lil gol (girl) had big front teefs and she was cute.

yeah and so after the Vi-die-oh.. hey what happend to my bold texties.there thats better. yeah so after the vi-die-oh. We saw the arcade, and you know what arcades do, they attract your very needs to play Vi-die-oh games. So we played pool. yep, but see noone of us know how to play pool so we just like threw the balls. Oh! ahaha and I went to hit one and it like went off the damn table and flew and I said woppsie poopsies.

So after a mere warm-up fun at the Vi-die-oh theaters, we decided we wanted some hot Chrock-late, so off we went our merry way to getted some hot chrock- late, when we discovered the hot chrock-late stand in Rays was closed :(. Soooooooo After stateing how white Rays was being for no contributing to my Chrocklate needs, we decidced it was about time Dennys served us up some drinks, in which we could drink.

The we went there, but there was the creepy lady she was like "NOone touches my kids, Ill kick their ass if ppl touch my kids or yell at them i dont mess around, Ill judo chop them with my Num chucks and them kick them right in there nose hairs" so i was all like :-O and the the guy she was talking to was all like "yeah i can be mad jerky when I need to be , but word to all those who mess with my kids..word.. you hear me? I can be a what wanna fight about it?"

I didnt really know what they were talking about because, I was too busy eating sugar packets with Tashinas friend and Tashina :P. And then came the crap-a-chino and so we were all X-D. And at the end of the day they ended up giving us a free crap-achini because were so talented at being O:-)

hahahahaha some ad person just called N I screached in the phone. I hates wehn they calls :O X-O

And now for the tips of the day brought to you By Cory A.g

Tip #1: Never try and vacume the cat whilst holding her/he at the same time
Tip#2: When people from ad companys call you to sell there broken toaster, scream really load, then put cheese down your pants and dance around like a german.

And now... my dog piglette in pearls And her pretty uhh eerr umm.. dress

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