Monday, January 09, 2006


our day -Jan 8th, 2006

We Justed got back from seeing Narnia last night. It was a grand movie, and the key key like talked. I have to say ym favorite Charchter was either the big key key or the little gol (girl). Cause the lil gol (girl) had big front teefs and she was cute.

yeah and so after the Vi-die-oh.. hey what happend to my bold texties.there thats better. yeah so after the vi-die-oh. We saw the arcade, and you know what arcades do, they attract your very needs to play Vi-die-oh games. So we played pool. yep, but see noone of us know how to play pool so we just like threw the balls. Oh! ahaha and I went to hit one and it like went off the damn table and flew and I said woppsie poopsies.

So after a mere warm-up fun at the Vi-die-oh theaters, we decided we wanted some hot Chrock-late, so off we went our merry way to getted some hot chrock- late, when we discovered the hot chrock-late stand in Rays was closed :(. Soooooooo After stateing how white Rays was being for no contributing to my Chrocklate needs, we decidced it was about time Dennys served us up some drinks, in which we could drink.

The we went there, but there was the creepy lady she was like "NOone touches my kids, Ill kick their ass if ppl touch my kids or yell at them i dont mess around, Ill judo chop them with my Num chucks and them kick them right in there nose hairs" so i was all like :-O and the the guy she was talking to was all like "yeah i can be mad jerky when I need to be , but word to all those who mess with my kids..word.. you hear me? I can be a what wanna fight about it?"

I didnt really know what they were talking about because, I was too busy eating sugar packets with Tashinas friend and Tashina :P. And then came the crap-a-chino and so we were all X-D. And at the end of the day they ended up giving us a free crap-achini because were so talented at being O:-)

hahahahaha some ad person just called N I screached in the phone. I hates wehn they calls :O X-O

And now for the tips of the day brought to you By Cory A.g

Tip #1: Never try and vacume the cat whilst holding her/he at the same time
Tip#2: When people from ad companys call you to sell there broken toaster, scream really load, then put cheese down your pants and dance around like a german.

And now... my dog piglette in pearls And her pretty uhh eerr umm.. dress

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