Saturday, February 25, 2006


Friday, February 17, 2006


Happy birthday to my baby

Well babers happy birthday I hope it was good :-D I love you

Sunday, February 12, 2006


love,freedome and my dreams

Love freedome and my dreams why have you gone away? please dont forsake me, I dont want you to leave, just give me another day. And if you come knocking, please wait for me..but still I dont want to waste your time.

Another day has passed by me, I wish that I could say.. i gave all my loved ones a hug and never let them stray. please forgive me for the times I lost, for not seeing things this way.. Just to hold on to the times I've had, the happy and the sad, and enjoy the life that i've committed too.

Please dont go away and leave me here, Im starting to get scared, Lifes so full of Challenges and it's so easy to see how one could be unprepared. Please give me a chance, to do this right to be a better man, To care about the things that people dont and give more helping hands.

It must be hard for you to understand, how I could get this way, things go up and down and all around sometimes it leads you to stray. please dont get discouraged, Ill do better.. I promise I will. I dont know how we get this way, does anyone really know if tommaorw will ever come?

love and freedome, come back to me I'm just so happy when your around, I know it must be hard to see all of these frowns. Things are so golden when your in our life, And I accept I'm my own defeat.

I'm the rain thats in the sun, I'm the clouds thats over the skies, I'm the foggy can see nights, and im the tears thats Im my eyes. I know its my fault that these things got to me now.. you know I try so hard..please give me that extra boost and tell me Ill go far..

Love, freedome and our dreams.. your always here for us.. please just understand how things are, understand and could be the end of all our lives, please just hug the things you love, when things get bad remember things and all the things you know. remember to cherrish things you have now.. and things you once had.

love and freedome, is in my heart, please come knocking at my door.. Ill answer this time, you just wait and see..Ill open the door and happily, Ill accept you in my life. And then i'll accept that this has all be inside of me all along from the begiining. And ill figure out that the things i've always wanted have always been in front of me all along.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Animation.. what is it?

What is Animation? I'll let you answer that. But I would like you to step into another world for a Min and come with me into the magical world of animation. Hello, I'm Cory A.g You may have heard of me through myspace, or know me from somewhere else. I am a self taught student in animation here in Crescent City, Californialike most of us I was introduced to Animation as a child.

My parents were into all the old Disney movies, so of cource those were some of my big favorites as a child. But why? Why is it that Disney's films has such an impact on people. people leaving the theaters crying, you get to wondering how such a magical thing could be created.Any good movie should make you laugh and cry at the same time. But what is it about animation, that really makes you feel for that Chacter on screen. For example when When bambi's mother gets shot, you see this baby deer wondering what happend. "motherrrrrrr!" "Mother? where are you?" and the big deer comes up and says "I'm afraid cant see your mother anymore". You feel it, You feel the emotion in those chachters.

Misrepresentaion shows people that Animation is only meant for kids. However, why is Animation shuned out of the world, as "childish" and "immature". Not only is Animated films made by adults, but is created for everyone.

There is an Animation Community out there, that I had no idea about intill I really got into animation.They started as drawings, and ended up as a one of a kind visual story that you arnt going to find in anything else. exactly how music is able to protray story and Visual ideas through sound, Animation, can portray Visual, story, and sound. When you see that Chachter on the screen what do you see? Do you see drawings or do you see a living breahing chachter? There really is no way to discribe my feelings of Animation, or animation in general.

I dont know about other Adults. And I dont care. the people who Love animation, really really realy truley from the bottom of my heart and soul have something they can remember for the rest of thier lives. It's not a waste of time, or immature.. but it's a dream. A big dream, a Visual dream. A dream that seems so real. A dream you never forgot, this is not going away.This is nevernending.Childish or not,I love Animation I love cartoons. I love toys. Childhood contains some of your best memories...rekindel them.. before it's too late


Here's to you

Heres to the people who do what they love. it could be music, or making cartoons, i could be film makers, Photographers, shark biologists, or going to school, it could be hobbies. it could be ANYTHING. I love it along with you.

here's to love, for everybody in this world brave enough to see that there's always been a better place inside of us all along.
here's to non belevers
here's to people whos lives are constantly living a life dominated by dout
here's to leaders,
here's to followers
heres to joy
here's to all the people who stand in line
here's the to the people who choose not to wait
heres to those who are Impatient
heres to those who stay healthy
heres to those who TRY
heres to the people who think everybodys the same
here's to being happy
here's to being sad,
heres to being depressed
heres to friends
heres to family,
heres to the trees the grass and the leaves
here's to the children and teens
here's to the people in jain
here's to the elderly
here's to the people whos' lost their way
here's to the peple who have lost so mething important
here's to DREAMS
here's to success
here's to bumpy roads,
heres to up and downs
Heres to passion
here's to the people who put lies in your face
heres who put their lies behind.
heres to disagreeing
and heres to the person who is able to get past that
Heres to the sick and the healthy
here's to partnership
heres to brotherhood
here's to whats outside your window
heres to the cars and vehicles that were invented
heres to electricity
heres to water and air
here's to the warm bed I sleep in at night
and here's to the concrete bed thats outside.
here's to the homeless
here's to the homies
here's to shoes
heres to entertainment,
heres to computers
heres to true people
here's to the found
here's to workers
heres to the people who help us keep safe
here's to doctors and hospitals
heres to our heart and head
heres to parents
heres to foster parents
heres to the poor
heres to the rich
here's to ALL music and and tv shows
heres to all colors and shapes
here's to the world. This is Not denying anything or anyone this is for all of you.

This is My friendship to you,this is my love that I bring and give to you.
I love you. I love stuff, I love things, I love people. This is great, you are great never forget it, when times look rough, you look smooth. keep going, your amazing, there has never been a better time ti be here, there has never been a better time to be alive.
This is not going anywhere. this is for you. Look inside of yourself, we are lucky to even be alive. This is our opertunity. would you give up all you want all to keep the things you've got? or would you give up all you've got all to get the things you want? Everything we've ever wanted has always been here inisde of us.

Cherrish this, Cherrish you..
we have found our..pride.

I love you.



"for when true love comes into act, there was nothing on earth that could stop it"- Cory A.g

"Love, love for another being it is that very love we live on and keep hold of. for true love lasts a life time, never to be stopped or given up on. For he knew Nothing could stand in his way, from the true love he had in his heart."- Cory A.g

"This is love. this very second is love, and as I sit here and write this I write it to you with love and respect and honor. You are amazing, and rgeat and with that said you to me deserve the very best of words. Dont let your pride die down, There has never been a better time to be alive or say any of this. I am beyond honored.. thank you for doing what you've done. Im here for you."

"happiness has been here. it's been here all along it was just up for us to see it and to sing our favorite song.. for if we sing our songs together, singe the beyond and above, or friend ship could never end.. it's bonded by love"- Cory A.g


Out of everything

out of everything.. I think im really doing alright for myself. Just keep doing what you love, Take a good look at whats around do you really want to let it down? Just as you mind starts to wonder, remember how lucky we are to be alive. for one second in your already busy life, really really glance over everything, take a indepth look. is this not everything you wanted it to be? if not.. then what is? Everything we've wanted has been here ALL along, it was just up for us to see it.

there comes a time, when you feel you need to decide whats right, whats wrong and whats wise. Dont ever let dout stand in your way. Were not getting any younger, for every second that happens is forzen forever in time. With that said keep going.. dont ever stop dreaming, dont ever stop going, dont ever stop living. now the time thats important, and nows the time that will never come again.
Life will pass without you. life will leave you behind, you gotta keep up.. you gotta keep going! This isnt stupid or lame, this isnt uncool this is your life.
Live it, love it, cheerish it, and most of all have fun with it.


And so Will I

keep going, your doing fine. Everything is fine, you have your whole life ahead of you, who knows when it will end, but you know where it starts and it starts here, right now. As you read this, you know. You always knew. Whats so stupid about living. This is Only the truth...thats just it.. just the truth. theres nothing anyone can do to change it.
keep going, dont be a fucking wimp. lifes full of ups and downs, but you have something that those ups and downs will never have, with that siad you are on the higher level of things. Your are strong enough to conquer it, stomp on it, and you also have the strength to hug it and keep it safe, for it's all you've got.

The way that you feel will be forzen forever in time, never to be changed. Noone can mess with it, or tweek it, it's yours to have and to feel and to hold. Life is sweet, but it's only getting better. The end of this was only the begiining and the beginning was only the end.
Live with pride, what have we got to lose. The very second you waste is the very second you wont get back. Think about it, the very second you dont use, the very second you forget about is the second that you will never get again. Were getting older and older and older, take a look inot a mirror then an hour later go back.. are you the same? or are you diffrent? You are diffrent. but thats ok!!

Dont take this for granted. Nows a time to remeber how lucky we are to be alive
I want us all to remember that we are lucky enough to be alive!!!!!!!!
our shining stars are the twinkles in our eyes, good feelings are from the inside of our hearts, and your strength is inside your soul
I lvoe all of you dont ever forget that
for when one day... for when one day im not here.. to say this, it can always ALWAYS ring into your heart and soul without betraying you, or Anbadoning you. This is here for you when you need it. And so will I.


doing anything and everything we can

This has never ended nor has it ever started, this is just the begining yet it ends there. This thing that you have in your very hands, isnt just something. I wouldnt consider this just something but EVERYTHING!
disagreeing, strength, people, faith, beleveing, dreaming, companionship,freindship,strong points, weak points, ups and downs, looking far, kicking high!!, dancing forever, being brave, being afraid, having douts, having douts about having douts, going crazy, living it up, making amends, forgiving all you can, TRYING, having fun, having a party, this right now is a party to me.
Just as you thought things were just ending, is really when things are still beginning. things are ALWAYS beginning, it will continue to begin. You will keep going and you'll keep on doing stuff.. that is what we are alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You never stop. And you keep going, wither it be the hardest times in your life, or the best of times. You keep moving ahead, and you keep going. Things WILL work out. be brave. This is nothing but whats been handed over, Kick this up a notch and never give up. Thats what really counts. the sun has always been shining, even on the rainiest days. be proud, your the only you youll ever get. this is bigger than you think. dong worry YOU DONT NEED TO HIDE, you just open up your eyes and youll discover, that there is another world

Im always here for you, Im always going to be around, this has never ended, this hasnt even started. Kerp your chin up, and your head high. And dont forget how lucky we are to be ALIVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Friend ALWAYS,
Cory A.g


keep on going and keep trying

This has never been better. This is a great time right now. With all the opertunitys, and the masses gathered, when will we have the time and stength to do the things we love, to not be bothered by little things like being shy or being emabressed, when will we start taking pride in something that is oviously short, I really dont know.
This is more than me. this is more than you, this is more than us. The fact that your here still and doing what you love, makes it very clear you have surpassed me. Keep your spirits high, and keep going.

I want all of you to do what you find is best for you, and to continue in the best way you can think of. I want you to have faith in yourselves, and remember that you ARE in fact one of a kind, you have never happend before and there will never be another, even long after your gone, even in all the years.. and thats it, thats how it's going to be. Each second you make it into History, and it's your second to shine.Each second is yours to have to do as you will. And there's nothing anyone can do.
This is it, are we going to wimp out or be brave enough to accept this is our only chance. What have we got to lose but time itself. what do we have to lose but this very second, this very Minite this very year.

The very people who are alive right now, are amazing. I am honored, honored to know that there are in fact people still out there, people who are living!! Im Honored to even be here. The simple fact that Im here to type, here to talk, to breath to yell, to function wow... what if this were all diffrent.. Because we inhabit this earth, this world has changed, for the better or worse.. who knows. But what i do know is that im very thankful for the things I have. I cant beleve I got this opertunity, I cant beleve i have friends and family, I cant beleve I have any of this.
keep on hitting the ball outta bounds, and keep on trying.

Your Friend,
Cory A.g


Why marriage? Why anything....

Why marraige? Why commitment? Why not. being with someone to share my experiances with, to me, feels like the greatest thing In the world. And I dont just mean "good" times or "bad" times. Who's to say which is good and bad?? Both are learned from.. and both are experiances that we could never have, had we not be alive at the time.
The life you live at this very second is an explotion of life. As you look around, you can clearly see things you would have only dreamed of, had it not been invented or created. Some of those things are still unexplainable, and somethings are explainable in every sense of the word. But what about the things that you cant see.. Things from Miles away to billions and Billions of light years away. This Universe is Booming with life, and your are this tiny spec in this Huge massive explotion of life.

Baseball games, soccer games, polker games, Riots, protests,family outings, loss of loved ones.. workers, millions and billions of them working day after day, this is all happening as your reading this, and of cource many many many more things are taking place
But what does this have anything to do with marriage you may be asking? I might be adquire to ask you, what doesnt marraige have to do with this. This is everything, this is life you live and choose to lead, it's the millions of people that inhabit this earth.. its everything thats around.
Marriage may or may not be for everyone. Who knows. For the people who do wish to get married, go for it. with everything around theres so much to share, sharing it with someone is great and good and amazing and true. In my opinion its very very worth it, it's worth it i n every sence of the word for me. It makes alot of sense. A love you have for another that is very storng, you bond in a forever bond that cant be broken..ever. for it will always and forever be forzen in time. Living Infinite with love, living invinte by love, living infinite because of love. To me marriage is a commitment to not only someone in general, but I'd also like to think of it as a commitment to life itself. As a human ebing you are givng your hand to someone you love dearly
with all your heart, and holding that bond together.

There comes a time in a life, where that lifeform must relize that there is a gigantic world out there to discover. in Fact it's so big, no one can expect anyone to see it all, it's vurtually impossible. But just to get out there and try and see what's out there, and truley see as much as you can before time is truley up and we leave our temperary states, to leave behind something that will be always be here. every second we have had has made history, it doesnt matter if your in a book, or famous.. now is your time to shine. And noones going to change that. You are now and forever more forzen in a never ending memory of time and space. Your markings will always stay true, they will never change.
Be brave, times get rough. heaven knows the waves can be really mellow at times, but they can get really rough and choppy. Please dont get Discouraged.And keep going.

Love is an amazing thing. it's a thing some people spend their entire life trying to find.. even when love is all around them!! Love is everywhere, you dont need to look for love. For love is in our every surroundings, love is within oursevles, love is in everything.. The chance comes when you finally decide to open up and finally see that that better world has been inside of us all along.
there has never been a better time for this, theres never been a better time to say any of this, and theres never been a better time to be alive.

your amazing no matter what anyone says.

Your Friend,
Cory A.g

Monday, February 06, 2006


now forever forzen in time

these last couple of days has been absolutley amazing. Me and baby Tee have been just everywhere

aww look it's baby holding babe hehehe babe the doggy dog is a funny one indeedafull

Awwwwww baby I miss you right now :-( this is my favoirite picture of us EVER :-D

I wish this monent would have lasted for 10 million years no.. I meant infinte!!! but now it is through this picture.

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha this is the beggining of the boo boo lip face but it didnt like work, cause the pic got taken when i wasnt ready now it just looks like Im falling asleepy or somphin

Yes baby? What? Kissies? Well see, Im getting wet in the water with my feet and my pants rolled up? Wait! someones taking a picture? are you even kidding? lol holy crap, no but see but.. ahh ohh wells... I love this pic anyways

Hey! we dont do that here! what am I even talking about in this picture, I honestly wish I knew

You were taking pictures of me????????? lol!

What!? more pictures? lol thats funny but why lol he im smieling like this :-D

Oh baby I member this so clearly, but I had no idea a picture was taken. I told you go watch your step and I helded your hand and ya still managed to get a slip in hehehehehehehehe so coot

Awww hey this is my foot heart idea! ok so maybe we got our feet a little dirty (even through they were to begin with) And it may just be a deformed heart but it's a heart none the less, made by pure love and our feet ;-)

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