Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Why marriage? Why anything....

Why marraige? Why commitment? Why not. being with someone to share my experiances with, to me, feels like the greatest thing In the world. And I dont just mean "good" times or "bad" times. Who's to say which is good and bad?? Both are learned from.. and both are experiances that we could never have, had we not be alive at the time.
The life you live at this very second is an explotion of life. As you look around, you can clearly see things you would have only dreamed of, had it not been invented or created. Some of those things are still unexplainable, and somethings are explainable in every sense of the word. But what about the things that you cant see.. Things from Miles away to billions and Billions of light years away. This Universe is Booming with life, and your are this tiny spec in this Huge massive explotion of life.

Baseball games, soccer games, polker games, Riots, protests,family outings, loss of loved ones.. workers, millions and billions of them working day after day, this is all happening as your reading this, and of cource many many many more things are taking place
But what does this have anything to do with marriage you may be asking? I might be adquire to ask you, what doesnt marraige have to do with this. This is everything, this is life you live and choose to lead, it's the millions of people that inhabit this earth.. its everything thats around.
Marriage may or may not be for everyone. Who knows. For the people who do wish to get married, go for it. with everything around theres so much to share, sharing it with someone is great and good and amazing and true. In my opinion its very very worth it, it's worth it i n every sence of the word for me. It makes alot of sense. A love you have for another that is very storng, you bond in a forever bond that cant be broken..ever. for it will always and forever be forzen in time. Living Infinite with love, living invinte by love, living infinite because of love. To me marriage is a commitment to not only someone in general, but I'd also like to think of it as a commitment to life itself. As a human ebing you are givng your hand to someone you love dearly
with all your heart, and holding that bond together.

There comes a time in a life, where that lifeform must relize that there is a gigantic world out there to discover. in Fact it's so big, no one can expect anyone to see it all, it's vurtually impossible. But just to get out there and try and see what's out there, and truley see as much as you can before time is truley up and we leave our temperary states, to leave behind something that will be always be here. every second we have had has made history, it doesnt matter if your in a book, or famous.. now is your time to shine. And noones going to change that. You are now and forever more forzen in a never ending memory of time and space. Your markings will always stay true, they will never change.
Be brave, times get rough. heaven knows the waves can be really mellow at times, but they can get really rough and choppy. Please dont get Discouraged.And keep going.

Love is an amazing thing. it's a thing some people spend their entire life trying to find.. even when love is all around them!! Love is everywhere, you dont need to look for love. For love is in our every surroundings, love is within oursevles, love is in everything.. The chance comes when you finally decide to open up and finally see that that better world has been inside of us all along.
there has never been a better time for this, theres never been a better time to say any of this, and theres never been a better time to be alive.

your amazing no matter what anyone says.

Your Friend,
Cory A.g

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