Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Animation.. what is it?

What is Animation? I'll let you answer that. But I would like you to step into another world for a Min and come with me into the magical world of animation. Hello, I'm Cory A.g You may have heard of me through myspace, or know me from somewhere else. I am a self taught student in animation here in Crescent City, Californialike most of us I was introduced to Animation as a child.

My parents were into all the old Disney movies, so of cource those were some of my big favorites as a child. But why? Why is it that Disney's films has such an impact on people. people leaving the theaters crying, you get to wondering how such a magical thing could be created.Any good movie should make you laugh and cry at the same time. But what is it about animation, that really makes you feel for that Chacter on screen. For example when When bambi's mother gets shot, you see this baby deer wondering what happend. "motherrrrrrr!" "Mother? where are you?" and the big deer comes up and says "I'm afraid cant see your mother anymore". You feel it, You feel the emotion in those chachters.

Misrepresentaion shows people that Animation is only meant for kids. However, why is Animation shuned out of the world, as "childish" and "immature". Not only is Animated films made by adults, but is created for everyone.

There is an Animation Community out there, that I had no idea about intill I really got into animation.They started as drawings, and ended up as a one of a kind visual story that you arnt going to find in anything else. exactly how music is able to protray story and Visual ideas through sound, Animation, can portray Visual, story, and sound. When you see that Chachter on the screen what do you see? Do you see drawings or do you see a living breahing chachter? There really is no way to discribe my feelings of Animation, or animation in general.

I dont know about other Adults. And I dont care. the people who Love animation, really really realy truley from the bottom of my heart and soul have something they can remember for the rest of thier lives. It's not a waste of time, or immature.. but it's a dream. A big dream, a Visual dream. A dream that seems so real. A dream you never forgot, this is not going away.This is nevernending.Childish or not,I love Animation I love cartoons. I love toys. Childhood contains some of your best memories...rekindel them.. before it's too late

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