Tuesday, February 07, 2006



"for when true love comes into act, there was nothing on earth that could stop it"- Cory A.g

"Love, love for another being it is that very love we live on and keep hold of. for true love lasts a life time, never to be stopped or given up on. For he knew Nothing could stand in his way, from the true love he had in his heart."- Cory A.g

"This is love. this very second is love, and as I sit here and write this I write it to you with love and respect and honor. You are amazing, and rgeat and with that said you to me deserve the very best of words. Dont let your pride die down, There has never been a better time to be alive or say any of this. I am beyond honored.. thank you for doing what you've done. Im here for you."

"happiness has been here. it's been here all along it was just up for us to see it and to sing our favorite song.. for if we sing our songs together, singe the beyond and above, or friend ship could never end.. it's bonded by love"- Cory A.g

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