Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Out of everything

out of everything.. I think im really doing alright for myself. Just keep doing what you love, Take a good look at whats around do you really want to let it down? Just as you mind starts to wonder, remember how lucky we are to be alive. for one second in your already busy life, really really glance over everything, take a indepth look. is this not everything you wanted it to be? if not.. then what is? Everything we've wanted has been here ALL along, it was just up for us to see it.

there comes a time, when you feel you need to decide whats right, whats wrong and whats wise. Dont ever let dout stand in your way. Were not getting any younger, for every second that happens is forzen forever in time. With that said keep going.. dont ever stop dreaming, dont ever stop going, dont ever stop living. now the time thats important, and nows the time that will never come again.
Life will pass without you. life will leave you behind, you gotta keep up.. you gotta keep going! This isnt stupid or lame, this isnt uncool this is your life.
Live it, love it, cheerish it, and most of all have fun with it.

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