Monday, February 06, 2006


now forever forzen in time

these last couple of days has been absolutley amazing. Me and baby Tee have been just everywhere

aww look it's baby holding babe hehehe babe the doggy dog is a funny one indeedafull

Awwwwww baby I miss you right now :-( this is my favoirite picture of us EVER :-D

I wish this monent would have lasted for 10 million years no.. I meant infinte!!! but now it is through this picture.

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha this is the beggining of the boo boo lip face but it didnt like work, cause the pic got taken when i wasnt ready now it just looks like Im falling asleepy or somphin

Yes baby? What? Kissies? Well see, Im getting wet in the water with my feet and my pants rolled up? Wait! someones taking a picture? are you even kidding? lol holy crap, no but see but.. ahh ohh wells... I love this pic anyways

Hey! we dont do that here! what am I even talking about in this picture, I honestly wish I knew

You were taking pictures of me????????? lol!

What!? more pictures? lol thats funny but why lol he im smieling like this :-D

Oh baby I member this so clearly, but I had no idea a picture was taken. I told you go watch your step and I helded your hand and ya still managed to get a slip in hehehehehehehehe so coot

Awww hey this is my foot heart idea! ok so maybe we got our feet a little dirty (even through they were to begin with) And it may just be a deformed heart but it's a heart none the less, made by pure love and our feet ;-)

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