Sunday, February 12, 2006


love,freedome and my dreams

Love freedome and my dreams why have you gone away? please dont forsake me, I dont want you to leave, just give me another day. And if you come knocking, please wait for me..but still I dont want to waste your time.

Another day has passed by me, I wish that I could say.. i gave all my loved ones a hug and never let them stray. please forgive me for the times I lost, for not seeing things this way.. Just to hold on to the times I've had, the happy and the sad, and enjoy the life that i've committed too.

Please dont go away and leave me here, Im starting to get scared, Lifes so full of Challenges and it's so easy to see how one could be unprepared. Please give me a chance, to do this right to be a better man, To care about the things that people dont and give more helping hands.

It must be hard for you to understand, how I could get this way, things go up and down and all around sometimes it leads you to stray. please dont get discouraged, Ill do better.. I promise I will. I dont know how we get this way, does anyone really know if tommaorw will ever come?

love and freedome, come back to me I'm just so happy when your around, I know it must be hard to see all of these frowns. Things are so golden when your in our life, And I accept I'm my own defeat.

I'm the rain thats in the sun, I'm the clouds thats over the skies, I'm the foggy can see nights, and im the tears thats Im my eyes. I know its my fault that these things got to me now.. you know I try so hard..please give me that extra boost and tell me Ill go far..

Love, freedome and our dreams.. your always here for us.. please just understand how things are, understand and could be the end of all our lives, please just hug the things you love, when things get bad remember things and all the things you know. remember to cherrish things you have now.. and things you once had.

love and freedome, is in my heart, please come knocking at my door.. Ill answer this time, you just wait and see..Ill open the door and happily, Ill accept you in my life. And then i'll accept that this has all be inside of me all along from the begiining. And ill figure out that the things i've always wanted have always been in front of me all along.

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