Wednesday, January 18, 2006


In hopes

close my eyes, as memorys come forth. Accept things that come, I cant beleve the day came, your smile shined down, and opend this door, now i fear the day things all start to fall, please dont let that day, let that day come into play.

The stars they sing, as they see the tears fall into the river of the forever flowing feelings. deep inside, this has never been as precious as this. the killing of bad times, and the beginning of new, and maybe one day, we will come to relize what we really have, I just dont feel we've yet to see the surface.
an explotion of emotions emptyed, as the darkness started to seep. feelings ran, as we started to sleep. Dont sleep on me darling, for this isnt over and where ever we go there's nothing thats taking me away, no nothings taking me away

the eclipsion of the sun, had never felt so cold. but you've given the sun a reason to shine, baby there's nothing they could do, No theres nothing they can say to take me away. And now that the fear has subsided, we can be free. the bad times will be over, as we drift off to sea. No matter where the waves carry, who is there in the end but you and I.

not grasping harm you saved me with the warmth of your arms, you save me from it all, as we hold now forever, the skies look lots better when your here.

Dont weep my baby. dry your tears, dont cry my baby as we walk hand in hand into the fog, Not knowing what could happen while it waits for our decend, hand in hand together, in hopes we'd reach the end.

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