Wednesday, January 11, 2006


How could this have happend. I had the worst day ever

i went to get my hair cut today, just out of my eyes you know? And so we get there, I the guy goes "your next" so I sit down and he says "looks like your in need of a hair cut" and I said "yeha but Im just getting it out of my eyes and thinned down a lilttle bit, I wanna keep the length" The second I said that he goes out this huge Shaver thing and Shaves the left side of my hair off I was just like :O. it happend so fast there was nothing I could have done, I couldnt have walked out, cause them I'd have half of my hair missing.

He took all my hair off, I feel so "not me" right now it's not even funny.
Im gonna go pout now. bye.

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