Thursday, January 12, 2006


Ni Ni again

Well it's 12:15am. N my teach comes amarrow. So Im just gettin ready to do some finishing touches on my spootie homework. For the last week or so, me and Tee have been able to stay on the phone till like 11 at night, I love it. But I hate not being able to see her that much. Really I only get to see her onc e a week. So Imma bump that up a bit, wake up at 7 and walk somewhere and meet up. and then just walk around till 5. cause she babysits at 5.

Good plan? cource it is. Anyways I gotta get goin.. gonna finish some homework N go to beddy bye bye, and go Ni Ni.

Kay Hunny if you read this Im goin Ni Ni in a little bit ok? So dont worry about me staying up so late :-P

and everyone else, Ta ta fer now. or NI NI I should say

p.s I cant beleve that hair cut guy cut my hair.. god what a.. I dont even wanna say it.

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