Tuesday, January 24, 2006


ok so as if thing

Silly rabbit trix are for ceilling lamps and other assorted grocery store items. When did the cheese factory end or close elf? what? you died? well thats unsunny, er uh kafasa. And when my socks part they turn into sockers, my socks turned into sockers theyre couples now and they have a pet. he's a german Socker. They have 51/2 puppies all with ears the size of pocket lint.

oh and my shoes, the hate each other. I think one is a piece of grass, the the other one is made of a loaf of bread, with embedded onions and salsa placed inside. They cant stand to look at one another so they always point the opisite way

Ok and heres a true story, once there was this pencil, and it was longng for a home 2 in a half inches went by and half of him got eaten by the googeling monster with a sharp RAZOR mouth.

Stickers wernt meant to be sticky, or where they meant to be sticked into a stickey and shown to the world that it can be sticking for once-in-a-blue-mood and shine into the day of night

and when I tryed to fix it the pencil got stuckedid in the lamp and it took some plyers and a chain saw and some masking tape to apply the glue

and you know I declared my toe hurt 2 in a hlaf seconds before it actually did.. thats 10 years before I thought this up

I dont understand where people get this stuff anyways..you could friggen get some cold water and a bag of potatoe chips set them in a cold fire in the summer of december and still not get a goddamn thing. there's no help these days, no help.: i could do a trippity do da at a rate of 1.2 seconds a mile and still not recive any occruing injurys the following millenium to see the so-called-freedome- to walk -on-other-peoples-lawns.

and if thats not bad enough, take a look at our world leaders. Who the hell elected that damn lump of cheese, everyone knows chedder cant rule anything, cheder doesnt know Jack. kacks a cool guy I've known him since he was really small, he tried to tell me somethin one day.. I cant rememebr what it was.. I think it had something to do with two cheese crackers and a bowl of cherriohs.

ok so Im leaving to go lay in a bed 0f pilliows which involve a ps2 a gamecube, and a sack of quarters filled with nickles. ok so really im going to sleep now night night everyone, I guess Im too tired to say anything that makes any sence

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