Thursday, January 12, 2006


first day without hair

Well Just woked up at 9:30 i'm pretty damn tired. I hate waking up early :-P. Yeah Im workin on my homewokr N waitin for my teacher, she comes at 12:30ish 1ish So yeah.

My head feels weird, it's like lighter or something. This sucks lol. Ohh well Im starting to get use to it, itll grow back sooner or ladow. I still cant beleve that guy Im like still in shcok, I told him "dont cut my hair short" and what did he do, he cut it all of it off :-.

And then like yesturday everyone was like, holy crap you look like 20 now but then I told them how white they were cause I dont look 20 :-P least I dont finks sos X-

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