Friday, January 13, 2006


everyone else :-P

Sigh, well I just got done with my "other" teacher not to long ago. I keept looking at the time and seeing if she was almost done. I was like too tired to even concentrate, plsu its raining and I hate that. Why mustc it rain, and rain on my skate day parade.. or..something. ehh thats ok not like I skate all that much anymore anyways...

hahaha we moved the entertianment center off the front door so we have a front door now. It feels weird, N everyone keeps knocking on the laundry room door :-. But at least we have a door :-D

Anyways umm hunny.. I tried to call you like at 3 but it was busy. So ill call you when Mom gets off the phone. mkaybe baby?

Oh eayh and Bye bye everyone else :-P

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