Monday, January 16, 2006


never let down.

This is inexplainable. This is us, this is me, this is we, this is the world. The vastness of it all, the huge mass of people living on one Gigantic ball. theres no way of getting around knowing were all living in the same place, were all here. And that cant, that wont change. We are all Human, this isnt a fucking joke. this is real, what have we got to lose. get pumped up knowing this could be your last, get pumped up knowing your still alive, get pumped knowing your the only you, there ever will be. You have something that noone will ever have.

With that said why wait. Why wait. Dont be embaressed, emabessment is this little thing wayyyy down here, you can easily just SQUISH!!!! wipe it out. knock it down. Dont be a fucking wimp, take care of yourself. Who cares who sees, or who thinks what. they have no bussiness in telling you your wrong. This has always been here, everything you have ever wanted has always been inside of you all along. The more you can give this then the more it will be, and thats just it, give it more, keep on feeding it, keep filling it intill it becomes an overflow of life as we know it.

This moment in time is an EXPLOTION of life. Baseball games, celebrations, partys, disasters, new borns, new familys, old familys, authors publishing their new books, Movie producers making their films. EVERYTHING!! THIS IS ALL HAPPENING AS WE SPEAK. And it's not going anywhere. Whos really to say whats happening, GET OUT THERE!!! See what it's like. We cant just sit around and do nothing we we can go out and do something!!!!!!! In this time, this very second we are involved in the very thing we call LIFE. Were living orginisims with feelings and emotions. Were the very beings who make up this earth. And we have been here for hundreds and thousands of years. And we can only assume theyre will be many many many many more to come.

Dont worry, you were right all along. This has been you, this is you. everything is here for you to take it, and make it yours. this gift we have now, is only temperary.. who knows when our time will be over and done, and on that note, now has never been a better time to be alive!!!!!

I love all of you guys, this has only been the greatest honor to meet those who I've met, and it's simply been an honor to only hear about those who I havent. There is a good world out there, there is a better world... for that better world has ALWAYS been inside of you, dont forget it. And dont forget How lucky we are.. for EVERYTHING that has been given to us.

please please please please, have faith in the things that make you happy, and the things you love. And keep TRYing.

No need to fret, I'm always gonna be around.

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