Thursday, March 16, 2006


why do we do anything

why do we do anything, because we can. It's as simple as wanting to do something and then just simply doing it because it's in your very intrest and ability to do so. I feel very obligated to do everything in my power to try and do things without justifying reasoning other than it's within my ability. As a human, I feel I am in complete debt to the world for giving me this opertunity. Trying to do the best thing for yourself might not be as easy, but who's to say whats the wrong or right choice, thats only for you to decide and that goes without saying.All of this goes without saying, i never had to say this in order for this to keep going. things move forwards and backwards and upwards and sideways and under-ways and you move along with it. it could be your arms flaleing, or your feet moving, it could be the cars going by, or the birds going up. It's everything and anything and you have the ability, you have since day one, and still to do this day. This opertunity has been brought to our attention, yet we overlook the importance of being alive everyday. We arnt alive to just sit around, were alive to move around! And just do "STUFF" that is why we are alive.The very minute you quit, is the very minute your no longer living, the very minute you stop living is the very minute you quit. Dont quit, your not a quitter.. dont be a fucking wimp! take chances, and risks and do things you could have never imagined you doing, face your fears go towards them head on thats how you learn.. be brave, your alot braver than you think. This is it, this is how is goes.. it's going, it's moving. It's leaving, it'll leave us behind. Dont worry, you have succeeded, and you continue doing so as we speak.Why are we going to do this?? why do we question, we have to do this before the end of our lives.Cory A.g

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