Monday, April 17, 2006


dont listen

Sure, maybe things are never easy, and maybe easy is never things. maybe things seem so hard, maybe people tell you your no good. maybe they tell you what to do and how to do it. maybe people only have negitive things to say, maybe thats all they have grown to see or hear. Maybe they didnt open there eyes. But this has never been about anyone else. Tis has never once been about them. Maybe your just on your own in this, but is that really is so bad?

The very second those people leave your side, is the very minute theyre backs completly break in half and shatter in a million peices. What exactly are you going to do? Dont be a fucking wimp. It was never up to anyone else.

Noone has the ability to tell you how things will be in the future. You lvie and you learn, as time grows, you soon learn that your learning only accumliates as time increases, you learned, wither it just just a little bit or alot, slow or fast you still learned, thats way better than none and you still had FUN along the way.

I say this with my heart pounding and my aderenaline up and working. There is never a better time to be ALIVE. This is it, go all out of none.

dont listen to what anyone else says, you have better judgement because it's your situation not theirs

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