Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Animation and acting and details

Animation has certaintly progressed over the years, from cells to computers a big diffrence has occured from the days of Walt till now. The years and years spent on making one movie, or the months and months spent on one scene, the animators of the old Disney studio did what they did, and they did it well.

Walt was always good at telling even the minor defects of "his" movie. In fact as a joke, some animators got together and inserted a picture of a naked lady in a background painting on the movie "rescuers down under" just top see if walk would spot it, So when the scene was finished it was finnaly time to show him. The group of animators invovled, watched nervously as walt was watching the scene, after the scene was over with walt replys, "who's idea was it to put this buck naked lady in there" An animtor replyed "We just wanted to see if you'd notice".

Walt was always persitant in pushing his animators to keep drawing and to keep improving, not only there drawing skills but there acting skills too. Walt Wanted belevable Chachters, and that was that. If you could for a minute compare a Walt Disney cartoon to say.. A Bugs Bunny cartoon you could tell a big diffrence. Walt's animators were undenyably better draftsmen, Walt exelled in storytelling, Walt could sell anything.

Acting in Animation has changed over the years, the more short-cuts artists could find the less appeal the cartoon had and less money the studio would have to spend.

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