Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Animator working at Burger king

Well Today at work wasnt exactly how I pictured it. it was filled with lettice, tommatoes, pickles and onions all topped off with ketchup and wrapped. I Just stumbled along with my dutys, tired and dizzy from the cold medicine I took just less than an hour ago. And while I was dropping a pan of large meat into the broiler I started thinking. You know how when you were little, you were always so excited to go to mcdonalds or burger king? Like you'd go in and tell your mom your order but you never really thought about how they made it. You never really were concerned about how it was all done back there.

Even as you get older, Most people still dont know how exactly the fries are cooked, how all the machines work, what goes on a double wooper with cheese.. you dont even really look back theyre, not even a glance. You order your food and sit or wait. With that knowledge.. can theyre possible be other things we never took the time to notice?

It reminded me, exactly why i lvoed animation so much. You HAVE to pay attention to the things around you, you have to know how the steam of that certain leaf looks, you have to take notice on how people move around, how they bend and stretch. Animators really really pay attention and see the world in a whole diffrent way, and then create there own version of it.

Animation was never "Just drawing" it's timing, it's acting, it's using your imagination, it's being creative, it's using your brain, it's taking notice, it's studying.. it's ALL those things and then some. I think, in my own opinion..Animation has been takin for granted, people dont understand the process and then shun it as being "childish" and only meant for children to enjoy, I find that wrong.. and I always will

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