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interview with Cory A.g

A:Cory A.g

Q: Birthday?

A: December 8th, 1987

Q:Most Missed memory

A: My grandma.. she was a dear dear friend of mine, I really miss just hanging out without a worr in the world

Q:Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatev
er will you use for silverware?

A:My pencil is my next best choice, but the real question here is use the eraser side.. or the other side.

Q:You're going to the moon! What did you forget to pack?

A: umm.. I ushally forget to pack extra clothes.. clothes is pretty much the last thing I pack anywhere.

Q:Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?

A: Whos to say which is better. I'd use the bannana peal as the propeller and the sock as the body.

Q: The first time you had your shoes taken off - how surprised were you to see that you still had toes?

A: yeah I mean who would have thought you'd still have toes after stuffing them into such a greesy sweaty and vile place.

Q: Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?

A:Who says theyre misspelled? I say if there are rules to how to spell certain things, all the more reason to break them, you know?

You forgot your mom's birthday! What can you make out of super glue and olive pits?

A:A mess.. (laughs) No, but you could make like one of those macaroni papper cards but with olive pits, who ever heard of that?

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

A: Under our trampoline.. it's shaded from the sun, and it's ushally pretty nice uner there.

Your pajamas have duckies on them. Why did you switch from choo-choos?

A: It took me a long long while to think about it, it was a really really really hard choice.

You've got to make contact with the alien leader. How will you tell when the conversation is finished?

A:Prolly about the time they started chasing me down a crater because I made a comment about their funny accent

Q: The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

A:I would relax and ultimatly take advantage of my superb jumping powers.

Q: Ok, So back to Animation..

A: Pheww, that's good i was getting a little worried there (chuckles)

Q: What is the day in the life of being an animator? Whats your schedule like?

A: Well, there really is no ordinary day for me, there's no such thing as an "oridnary day" really, diffrent things diffrent days you know? Chaos does a pretty good job of keeping me on my toes, I think really the most ordinary thing I do everyday is wake up, that's about it.. ...really.... the rest is up to what's going on. As for my's all mixed up.. that's right it's all scrambled and tossed around like a bag of chicken being prepared for shake-n-bake.

Q: So it's true, that as of right now your just a student in animation with a side job correct?

A: yeah, yeah. Right now I'm working at Burger King, just trying to save as much money as I can to survive and on top of that I study animation so it's a bit hecktic at times. But what can you say or do, it's fun. I think it's fun. I think just being put on the spot, or being worried are indications your
really onto something you know? I think right now.. for now.. Burger king is the best place for me to work, i've been through two other jobs that didnt work out too well.. but this one works. Plus.. I get to see and meet alot of weird people that could possibly end up in a drawing or sketch later on.. you know?

Q: What attracted you to Animation, what intrests you in it.

A: That's a good question.. i've been into drawing cartoons since I was little I mean it's always been there. When i was like 7th grade I taught an "Animation" Class to a bunch of 2nd graders, it was this really weird animation program that the school had a demo version of. They used those really really outdated Macs and stuff, it was fun. But as i grew older in my teenage years I grew attached to Flash (A really really cool Animators tool.. great software..) and I just made these really reall wacky, porrly drawn short cartoons. I remember showing them to my family. Like there was the one where this guy threw a football and it hit this other guy in the head and like 30 seconds went by and he fell over and then the credits just started rolling, my mom just took one look at it and thou
ght I was nuts! (laughs) But my grandma, she saw it as pure genious, poor drawings and all. As for being intrested in it, I mean theres alot of reasons why I'm intrested in it.. but really I think a more intresting question is.. why is Animation intrested in me. I think Animation is more intrested in me. My grandma just passed away today, she was a really good good friend to me.bless her's a great loss to me and my family... and looking back it really makes me relize how much she wanted me to do the things I loved and to keep doing them.. that's exactly what I plan on doing. Animation is not some stupid drawing, morphed into another.. it's what I love.

Q: So it is your belief that the world will know you from your work?

A: I really think that has nothing to do with any of it. If people know me from the things I've made, cool! I'm right here to tell you all about it. I really really dont have fans, I have friends, thats really the best way to look at it.

Q: So as you've said, you've always been drawing and making cartoons what kind of cartoons would you draw

A: Oh, really really basic comics, just ideas or gags I just had in my mind. I had these set of
cartoons guys, orange, apple, pear, potatoe, pie,and carrot just something about them and theyre mischivious adventures that always motivated me to make more and more, plus my teacher really liked them so I just kept dishing them out

Q: So was that the only thing you drew or..

A: No, no I mean it was just stuff I enjoyed drawing...they were easiyest to draw so i stuck to them more than anything else

Q: So, those old drawings are sort of an inspiration for you
and your Charchter Orange?

A: Oh definatly.. Orginally Orange couldnt even talk.. but you could always tell what he was thinking with thought bubbles, and apple always understood him and knew what he was thinking even though he didnt talk it was sort of a crazy world. I think the biggest inspiration for orange is based on well me..people saw he acts how I would if I were an Orange, and you know.. i'd have to say I certainly agree with them. He has that child like quality.. but he's in his mid teens.. like he like just barley 19, he's shy but not too shy.. when he gets angry.. he kind of blows things way out of proportion, but again he's a quiet type, but then again he's really not so quiet around his friends, he's a pretty complicated fruit (laughs)

Q: So would your saying it's not you that acts like an orange, it's ornage that acts like you.

A: Exactly! yeah pretty much (chuckles)

Q: Other than your old comics, is there any other reasons why you cho
ose fruits to start your animation career on?

A: Not really, I mean i guess it sort of soudns like a weird subject to start on, but after a while of seeing the charachter you dont even notice what object he is, after seeing him so much and doing the voice for him.. he just seems like an every day type of guy, and he is.. he really is.. were pals.

Q: So when did it occur to you that you could make your comics into an animated living chachter?

A: Another good question.

Q: Thank you

A: (laughs)

A:Well As i've said, when I was younger I taught an animation class to a bunch of second graders. And before that I had just been drawing comics, but even as i was teaching that class.. I had no idea that animation was a job that people actually do, you know? like it was just..animation. Then like right around my teenage years like when I was 15 I really started to see how funny Spongebob was.. I loved it, and it was like WOW! I can do this stuff too! So with lots of research online I ended up finding a free trial of Flash mx and learned the program just by fooling around with it. I made a few short cartoons with it, like a small series I called"Ogg, Steve, and Teller" it had this big story to it and everything. It was these basic drawings a circle for the head a circle for the body and sticks for arms
and legs and they lived in a castle and they'd just do weierd and funnt gags that would only last for a few seconds and then end. Like every episode was like 30 seconds long and about like 50 seconds if you count the credits, I found it quiet hilarious, espcially because it was so short. When I was 17 we had just left Redding, Ca and moved to Crescent City, Ca it was a long long drive there, but the air was fresh and i was ready for a new start. Thats really when the idea to create an animated cartoon.. I dont perticularly remember when I got rid of all the charchters but Orange,Pie and Cherry.. but some how all the other charchters were cut. Just those three had enough personality to make a story go through. Sorry that was long

Q: No, no it's ok.

A: phew! Good i thought I was gonna get yelled at (laughs)

Q:So what was your first cartoon starring Orange about?

A: You know.. I'm not even sure if that even had a plot. It all started when my friend Adam came up from Redding to visit and I told him I was working on a christmas cartoon for the
family to watch and that I was in a rush making it and I needed help. So we both gt together and had alot of trial and error and we kept hitting walls trying to figure out what we were gonna do.. and Adam was especially getting kinda irratated that I didnt have a story layed out. So We just did a bunch of gags and that was it.. and then he left. So I was basically stuck with it by myself.. So one night I was just sitting at my desk.. all alone.. by myself.. I had a microphone and a Keyboard Piano that I just got.. and I used the music that is installed on the Piano already and sang to it in this really really werid voice that I had no idea I had, It was "we wish you a merry christmas song" but I changed all the lyrics around. I used that song for the took me so long to animate the lip sync like 4 hours. I hit the hay and when I woke up I showed the people who already saw all my other stuff and my family and they all loved it alot. And that voice stuck.. with Orange he still has that same voice. (Starts talking in Orange voice) "Sewiously, you Guis aww we just gonna sit heww and tawlk awwl night orw what" (laughs)
Q: (laughs) that was pretty good, I think it fits orange well

A: Well thank you, I'm glad you agree

Q: So is theyre anyway we can see this Christmas cartoon you made or any of the other older stuff?

A: I'm sorry to say, it's so old and outdate that I have no idea whered they'd be. Somewhere on
my old old old computer, maybe one day ill find them and put them up in all theyre old childish glory.

Q: So, are theyre any other projects that you just havent finished, that seems to
happen alot in the feild of Animation

A: oh, your right that does seem to happen alot. The answer to that is YES OF COURCE! I had an entire film in production, with no equipment, or crew. just me and a pencil and my ability to try and create a story all the way through and the animation and the art, and the backgrounds it was just ambitious. Although I would like to make a movie some day..

Q: Any last words before the interview expires?

A: I dont think the interview will ever expire. As for last words, I dont feel these are the last words you will hear from me. keep doing the things you love never stop doing what you love. And remember.. your never too old to laugh, and your never ever too old to watch cartoons.

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