Friday, June 30, 2006


An old Orange gag

AN Orange Sunday

It was sunday morning. Not like any of my ushaual mornings.. But the kind of mornings where you wake up, and it kinda stings your eyes.

The day Started out As I was leaving for the championship Powdered doughnut eating contest, about to take place less than an hour away.. I was trying to watch the time, because I knew... that I didnt want to miss the free food buffey afterwords, you knwo..with the candy, and the sweet potoatoes and the candy yams..and the honey hams....

Anyways, I got in my caww and I noticed that MY caww didnt start..

Car: Hey man... this isnt cool man... I'm not going anywhere today man.. ok man??
Orange: Now wait just a min Misdoww!! I need to get the the powderd Doughtnut compition and you have to take me theww..
Car: woahhhh.. Kill the excitment bro.. Just relax.... I'm not your souce of transportation ok??
Orange: Sigh.. Ok.. think... think.. How can I get to the.. AHA! I got it!

So As my new idea came into play, So did the rest of my Really really bad Hurt Stinging eyes Sunday, Which took place.. on SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!! Anyways, SO knowing my caww Wasnt in the mood, and I was in the mood for some food.. I was rarein to find my way there even if I had to walk

Orange : Okkkkk Thius walking idea was so bad.. I mean I'm almost half way there!!
Car: I'll say, you havent even left the drive way
Orange: Damnit.

Now before I get to much into this day, I just want to say.. Sometmes.. I'm not really the sharpest tack in the bunch. In fact I think I was sanded down half way before I was even knowing what I was even talking about...get it?

So I was thinking... Thigns arnt always as they seemed. And what didnt seem like what it seemed was that there was a concert playing Just a few blocks away from where I lived. So walking over there, I relized.. hey this isnt half bad.. I mean Free music... Free fo..

Guard: Umm.. Excuse me.. but what the hell do you think your doing?
Orange: well I was getting some of thi..
Gaurd: Your not suppose to be here.. either get on stage, or hit the pave
Orange: Alwight then Mistor... I think you've just made a fatal Mistake..

To tell you the truth.. being on Stage practially shitting myself wasnt so bad.... But did they have to take pictures.,.....??

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