Saturday, June 17, 2006



As it's been said by Michael Pritchard "You dont stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing" I beleve that whole-heartedly. For hundreds of years film based humor has entertaned and been laughed upon. I've seen countless movies in the theater, from Lion King to Spongebob, from Toy story to Cars. There has been such a big transition, between what has been to now.. I'm simple asnonished.

When I saw Spongebob (A movie most people were either afraid it was too "uncool" to watch or for whatever reason just detested the thought of watching SB on big screen) I loved it. Theyre wernt just kids there, theyre were adults who were really really really! enjoying themselves. The movie was funny, it really was. People nowadays shut out there inner child and they shouldnt.

I love Animation. plain and simple, no critisims towards certain movies, no comparisons, and no negitive bander. No matter what turn Animation takes it will ALWAYS make history. No matter what a studio does it will ALWAYS make history, no matter what you do you will always make history. We all make history every second, it's our time to shine.

Lets go.

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would this be good to put my poems on? cuz i wanted a place i could putmy poems , but i want them to be safe there, like they cant be taken,.... you know? anyway. byes,,~hugness~
ok now, how do you get to me blog? lol this is cool to me.....
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