Wednesday, July 05, 2006



We dont have to distance ourselves from being passionate for fear of being wrong or left out. And beleve me everybody does that, we all have fears and intimidation and we can face them. I really think that there's a new step out there, that Human beings are about to step up another level. And it has to do with seeing and be strong enough to see all sides, where you really can see beyond the life you live. Have the strength to say you beleve and understand it, but also see and understand what the other guy might be thinking.

True compassion that stretches So far, and can take us all up to this HUGE world, where you dont have to put up walls to keep things out. To protect yourself, but actually are stronge enough.. literally strong enough.. to knock down anything in the way. and it'll all come in, take it all in and say "you know what Im gonna love every single thing in the world" it's all here to make me happy, and if I can eliminate the things that may try and push

When you dont like something, when there's something you dont like.. if it's a person, a thing to do, a song even..with me at least alot of times... if I really think about it, I really get down inside of myself, i'll see that the reason I dont like it, is because of my own weakness, I'm scared of it, or I'm jelous of it, I'm envyous, I dont understand it..I think it's stupid...for some reason. But if I really think "wow..where's it comin from" that persons just like me at the end of the day, this person that's making this thing or said something,or did this thing or made me feel funny.. I shouldnt be offended by it, there just doing what they think they need to do, and if it's wrong .. I can only imagine where it came from...and and , whos really to say if it's wrong or not.. and all of a sudden things dont seen as complicated. they get real clear... and you just see yourself in a mist of the world. and wow what we can do in the time that were here.

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