Saturday, July 22, 2006

What's Inability compared to being able. Just as things start to close in and you feel stuck, you can truly see there's other sides, and you'll be ok. Doing great things, or things doing great? Rethinking the choices and seeing the lines, then crossing over or cut as many as you can see or get to. We live in a mixture of surprises all mixed into one solution, but you'll never find the true answer to your problem without all the ingredient's, and that goes without saying. Take any chance. It's real hard, but we can we really can and we will. What's beyond the sunset, or beyond the starlite night? Could it be possible to even think past all this stuff, can this thing behind our eyes really know this much. We can use this, and we will try and we will succeed to the highest potential. The bars have been lifted towards our goal now we have the strength to see what was available to be seen all along.

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