Saturday, September 02, 2006


Animators, a rare breed.

Animators, Cartoonist, painters, sculptors, Directors, Sketchers.. A very rare group of people. People who NEVER grew out of their inner-child. Cartoonist love to draw, painters love to paint, And most (not all) Animatiors love to collect toys, play games and act like c a child These very rare, but inspiring people go to work on a day to day basis making things that kids and ADULTS. maybe these types of people are a little "werid" to those who work in movie stores, or people who make houses, kids who wear skulls on their shirts and act tough. But these cartoons these animations will ALWAYS be forever frozen in time. Wither it's the "powerpuff girls" maybe a preschool show, maybre a batman series, or a Pixar movie. These are ALL things people worked on and they should be considered as masterpeice as Mona Lisa, or anything that has stayed with us. Even the worst painting on earth will be remembered, with that said I say to you.. I LOVE ANIMATION OF ALL KINDS BECAUSE IT WILL BE HERE LONG AFTER I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your friend,
Cory Ag

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