Thursday, March 15, 2007


Betty boops crazy inventions

I've always admired Max Felischers stuff, and I always will. yesturday night, I was sorting through some old dvds and I cam acrost an old dvd set I had laying around alled "The Ultimate Cartoon Collection" and in it I found some really good Betty boop cartoons one being Betty Boops Crazy Inventions. Which was animated by Willard Bowsky and Ugo D' Orsi who animated Several max cartoons back in 1933.

there were several parts I enjoyed about this perticular short. The car running gag being one of them, or when everyone pays to get in the invention tent they get the word "paid" stamped on their butt. The gags in this short are just hilarious really. I thought the sewing machine gag had some very very timing there. if you'd like to see it. it's on youtube intill it's gone. So check it out quick!

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